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Helping you climb your obstacles one step at a time.


Life Coaching

 Available for teletherapy sessions


My name is Scott Hecht. As a licensed psychotherapist, I've been helping people navigate their lives through difficulties for over 30 years.  Anger, anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties can be obstacles preventing you from living your best life.

I have a kind and sincere demeanor and some people think I can read minds. The truth is, most people think that no one has ever "walked in their shoes" so who could understand you?  To some degree, that's true. The particular details of "your life" may be unique, but there are limited patterns of human behavior and therefore behaviors can be predictable and therefore, understood. 


Let me guide you on your path to your healthiest and happiest self.


How I Can Help?

Individual Psychotherapy/ Life Coaching

Individual psychotherapy assists in treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship issues, addictive and compulsive disorders, stress reduction and trauma. Individual psychotherapy can also be of great benefit to individuals who are working hard to overcome the obstacles and barriers that prevent them from achieving their mental and physical health goals. 

Couples Counseling

Knowing which behaviors in our lives and relationships that contribute in a positive way is key to mental health.  Knowing which behaviors contaminate our lives and relationships is just as important. Communication, contribution, and contamination are the major components of couples counseling that we'd be exploring in our sessions.

Fitness & Mental Health integration

Through training as a mental health and integrative medicine provider, much of my experience lies in pairing nutrition and fitness with mental health. Throughout these sessions, we'd be exploring stress management, sleep quality and circadian rhythm, nutrition supplementation, as well as the mental and emotional barriers that have previously prevented you from reaching your health and fitness goals. 

Telehealth sessions

My services allow for Telehealth sessions to accommodate long-distance needs or COVID-19 concerns. 

Contact Me

Scott Hecht LCSW

Please fill out the form provided for more information and/or to book a session.


NOTE: Before our first session, you must download and complete the HIPAA form provided below.

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